Guest Curator Reflections

Take a guided tour of our exhibition via the critical reflections of our Guest Curators. In a series of thinkpieces, videos and a toolkit each offer their reflections on the ethics and efficacy of the creative approaches taken by our partners to address exploitation.

Please tap on/hover over the image blocks below to see reflections from our Guest Curator team.

Our Guest Curator Team

Sophie Otiende

Survivor-leader and Protection Practitioner

 In 2021 Sophie founded Azadi Kenya after gaining over 10 years experience working with grassroots organisations in Kenya to provide services to trafficking victims and survivors. Sophie has been revolutionising the ways in which survivors are supported, protected, and involved within the counter-trafficking movement and has advised the UN and several countries including the US, UK, and the EU on counter-trafficking efforts.

Allen Kiconco

Postdoctoral Research Associate specialising in survivor-centred research

A scholar with over 10 years’ experience researching girls and women’s lived experiences in both conflict and post-conflict settings of Africa. These experiences include wartime abduction, enslavement, sexual slavery, forced marriage and forced pregnancy. Through her research Allen seeks to disrupt legacies of racial and gender inequality in knowledge production focused on African contexts.

Chao Tayiana Maina

African Digital Heritage Specialist

Founder of African Digital Heritage and co-founder of the Museum of British Colonialism. Chao is a digital humanities specialist and works at the intersection of culture and technology. Her work primarily focuses on the application of technology in the preservation, engagement and dissemination of African heritage. She is a recipient of the Google Anita Borg scholarship for women in technology.